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Make a million-dollar bag

Telos Coin – My new gem coin bag is equipped with a millionaire’s purse so you will become a millionaire.

I will share my thoughts about Telos in today’s post. It has already been mentioned in a previous post about this coin, and this one is about the recap and the possibility that it may or may not reach my price prediction.

A really interesting chart I found on the internet I would like to show you and I would like to compare it with other projects so you can see what your options are.

Telos Tokenomics

You can discover more about the coin we’re looking at in this column, and if you look at the token comic, you’ll see where this coin is called Telos. There are approximately 355 million of them in circulation.

As you can see the price has dropped considerably since I first posted this. When I made this post, we were at about 22 cents per coin. The gain so far has been almost 3 times the amount I originally posted.

If you are not familiar with the industry, some people might tell you that the price has dropped. However, if you are already a very knowledgeable person and you know that market crashes take place, then you know that you can take advantage of that. You know, people normally buy dips and keep their average cost based on those dips. My usual way of doing things is the same as yours. However, do not panic if you buy at a higher price, and do nothing else so you

wouldn’t feel pressured into keeping the purchase. If you believe in that coin, then that money is not yours to spend; it’s your choice.

Telos Coin Scenario

Stocks or other investments usually do not return 10x, 100x, or anything else like that. Normally, only 2x- 3x can be expected in regular stocks, and investing in the right thing for the right time also takes time.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, however, it is equally risky. You will never be able to predict it because manipulation is mainly responsible for it as well. Two days later, the price may drop so low it may be reduced completely to zero. In case incorrect news was released, the price might also crash.

Therefore, you have to consider all of that all of the time, but in this case, I believe the price of 22 cents is undervalued, so I continue to purchase until my total averages out.

There is already a detailed post about what this project does on my post list, so you can go get to know this project in detail, but if you want a quick outline of it, it’s a decentralized fast-killing finance company: its advantages and disadvantages are numerous, especially when you consider that people are already using well-known companies, such as Microsoft and other companies.

You can type in like there are so many things on the website, so you can check it out. But, if you look at it energy-wise, it’s more efficient and you know it’s more than 10,000 transactions per second.

Telos Coin Road Map

A roadmap for Telos products begins with Telos Decide, followed by Telos EVM, dStar, Telos ID, Telos EVM, Telos Wallet, Telos Private, dStar, and Telos Location. Telos ID interests me, the organization has similar goals to Litentry.

A solution called Telos ID combines two important aspects for establishing identity: first, it will evaluate the uniqueness of an individual’s account and, second, it will allow others to verify necessary information about the user without exposing information the user has not authorized to be revealed.”.

For voting and UBI solutions, it is important to ensure credibility, meaning each real individual cannot have more than one voting ID. Telos envisions blockchain governance revolutionizing and providing an opportunity for universal basic income solutions.

Being able to provide only the information needed to an employer or landlord, and have it verified by them, offers a solution for privacy without compromising security. Telos ID will be the first blockchain-based identity to provide both of these benefits.”

Competitor Analysis

The chart below shows a few other projects with which I made a comparison on my original post that I have found on Twitter so I want to compare it with that instead of the one I made.

These other projects are: What are the differences and what makes this coin stand out? Here is the chart to explain some of this, and I’d like to give a shout-out to David Frigero. He’s the author of the original post who did it and the credit goes to him.

It is almost roughly the same now as it was when he constructed the Telos, which was worth 60 million at the time. I will record on my account many of the projects in this list that are more lucrative than others, for example, Heather has a market capitalization of 100 million, which is more than double that of the Telos.

The Harmony (ONE) network is another example. It’s going to be a billion times larger in 20 years than it is now. Currently, there are 505 billion TRX, which is a 100x value, 6 billion EOS, 120x, 10 billion Polygon, 200x, 23 billion Polkadot, 500x, and 60 billion ADA, which is now a 1,200x value.

You can check out my post list if you’d like to read about the majority of the coins from this list I’ve covered in my channel. However, let’s see what is range this coin can reach.

I personally expect it to reach a market cap of 6 billion dollars within a year. I think maybe in the next bull run, perhaps even before then, we might even reach a six-figure amount, which if that happened would be 120x from now. At this point, we may enter either a bull or bear market.

The original post I cited was around 125x so let’s keep that at 120x for now, so I think it’s possible that we are going to see the coin reach 200x from now. Let’s run some calculations in case that actually happens.

What is the actual number of coins needed to become a millionaire using this coin? The number 120x probably relates to this, so let’s multiply this number by 120 and determine how much a coin costs. We’ll then work out the number of coins we may need based on that.


Make sure you do the proper research before investing in cryptocurrencies, and you should consult a crypto expert for advice. In the cryptocurrency market, everything can happen because of its volatile nature. It is all a prediction and assumption based on the fact that crypto markets transform over time.

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