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Top Crypto Books – Develop a deeper understanding of Bitcoin

Power comes from knowledge. These books are great for improving your cryptography skills.

Are you looking for resources to help you learn more about crypto investing or would you like more information on how to take your crypto knowledge to the next level?

Well, if you nodded your head to either one of them, then I have a brilliant video for you. As a firm believer of knowledge as power, today I am sharing my top five favorite crypto books you definitely should check out.

These books cover everything from an understanding of how fiat currency actually works to understanding blockchain and the importance of Bitcoin.

Additionally, I am going to share with you a short summary of each one so that you know which one is worth your time and money before investing.

Finally, I am going to give you some extra resources as well as a smoking hot deal or two, so don’t miss this!

1. Bitcoins & Blockchains

The first article I have is by Antony Lewis on Bitcoin and Blockchain basics. Basically, this one is geared towards those who are new to crypto and are trying to grasp the fundamentals of the technology as well as place it in a broader context.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have value because of this. Investing in cryptocurrency is like throwing money down the drain and hoping for the best, or that crypto is reserved for technology nerds.

People who use terms that can’t be understood by a layperson are fairly off-putting, at least in my opinion. You may want to check out crypto YouTubers or men who just sound like tech geniuses, but if you really want to start dabbling in crypto, will you really want to risk your hard-earned money on them?

The basics of Bitcoin and Blockchain are a great place to start if you don’t want to be beholden to people like me. Antony starts things off with a point that many people tend to overlook and misunderstand. In that case, it would be the history of money and the different forms money takes. Think of the barter system, commodities, and fiat currencies.

In the following paragraphs, he describes how the financial system works from the accounting point of view. This last part, while that may sound a bit boarish, is super important for you to understand since this is exactly what Bitcoin is competing against.

My friends still don’t really comprehend what money actually is; and for crypto to make any sense as an alternative payment system, you have to understand this.

Next, we jump into cryptography, which is the jargon you’ll hear thrown about casually but that no one seems to ever understand.

Antony, on the other hand, speaks in a way that’s pretty straightforward English about public and private keys, hash functions, and digital signatures. This is vital information for understanding cryptography.

After that, he talks about the challenges that blockchain solves and the concept of blockchain. A few examples are the dangers of creating money accounts with a centralized institution like HSBC, the risks of orderly transactions that can cause bookkeeping discrepancies, and more.

Antony explains the challenge of traditional finance by illustrating how blockchains work and what the problems of traditional finance are. I value the fact that I can learn using examples since I’m the type of guy who loves to learn by doing. How does this book relate to cryptography in any way?

In spite of blockchain’s advantages and crypto’s security risks, the threats are not overlooked such as 51 attacks and wallet security risks. By the time you finish this book, you’ll understand why crypto enthusiasts insist that you need a hardware wallet and why it’s the best investment you’ll ever make in your crypto security.

The book explains most crypto jargon in plain English if you read it cover to cover.

It will help you take full advantage of content related to crypto on YouTube, for example. Is Bitcoin and Blockchain terminology something you would be interested in learning? I’m sure you’re wondering where you can find it.

The paperback is available on Amazon for the good part of 15 pounds. Jeff Bezos already has more than enough money, so I’m not really sure why you’d want to give him more.

The good news is that if you listen to audiobooks and you’re interested in Bitcoins and Blockchains, there is a free 30-day Audible trial that you can use and abuse to get an introduction to Bitcoins and Blockchains. 

For the record, I am not sponsored by audible, I am just one who likes to maximize their savings.

Let’s move on to a crypto book I recommend for those who have some experience in the field already. The article is also written by one of crypto’s smartest guys. Keeping that in mind, let’s proceed.

2. The Internet of Money

You should add Andreas M. Antonopoulos’ Internet of Money to your reading list.

Andreas is known as an OG in the crypto space and is one of the best speakers and educators within the field.

During early 2014, he worked as Chief Security Officer for a company that offered wallet and information services for crypto. Andreas is well-versed in crypto risk management and developing enhanced security practices, so it goes without saying that he knows how it all works.

The chap also runs a top-notch cryptocurrency YouTube channel and also speaks frequently about Bitcoin over the podcast. Honestly, I believe Andreas is a good guy in the crypto community. That’s why I’ve included one of his books here.

The Internet of Money, however, is a collection of essays about cryptography.

As I’ve always been on a tight schedule, I quite like that as I can dip in and out easily. There are mainly essays about the political, economic, social, and philosophical issues surrounding cryptocurrency.

It’s important not to give anything away about this book, but there are a few eye-opening concepts you are going to love.

In one of them, the idea of infrastructure inversion is described. In explaining this concept, Andreas refers to the era when cars were just starting out. They tried to make use of infrastructure that was designed for horses and carts.

The early cars had lots of teething problems because they were on dirt roads and there were no street signs. Imagine the mud that back then caused those dirt roads in London to turn into quagmires when it rained? Cars probably didn’t seem like a good idea to the stuttering horses galloping by when they passed. The humble asphalt road, however, was built as infrastructure for cars over the years.

These new roads can still be used by horses, as well as skateboards and electric scooters. Now, imagine another scenario. Imagine a man standing on his horse and trotting along next to a car stuck in the mud. Was it really possible for them to have envisioned electric scooters zipping around in a few decades? I doubt it.

It is clear, then, those technological developments have opened up possibilities not previously imagined. The same trend can be seen with new technologies as well. I do remember the pre-internet era, but I am a bit older than that.

Cartridge 95 loaded up for doing some research. 26 years ago, no one could have imagined that most questions in today’s world would be answered on Google or on YouTube. However, it wasn’t feasible until the broadband infrastructure was mass-rolled out.

Until that crypto infrastructure inversion occurs, we won’t realize what Bitcoin and crypto’s true potential is. In fact, we are still waiting for scaling solutions such as Ethereum 2.0.

However, the point is that this book will not give you a layman’s understanding of Bitcoin and crypto. For anyone interested in blockchain technology and learning about its disruptive potential than getting a copy would certainly be a wise decision.

You may be interested in trading crypto to multiply your crypto if you do not like just hoarding. I think my next recommendation is most likely right for you if that’s the case. Let’s get started.

3. Charting & Technical Analysis

Do you remember the first time you watched a crypto technical analysis YouTube channel and wondered what the hell was happening to all those triangles? The bull flag formations and fancy lines are just technical indicators. This can help predict the direction of the crypto market by analyzing chart patterns.

The t leaves are worth a pretty penny if you can read them correctly. Charting And Technical Analysis by Fred McAllen is probably something you should pick up if you’re interested in getting into crypto trading.

Unlike traditional markets, crypto markets are still relatively new, so this isn’t a crypto book specifically. Likewise, chart patterns and formations are generally the same regardless of the market. In any case, the book stands out for its clear, concise, and easy-to-understand explanations of technical analysis. This article covers all the basics such as candlesticks, support, and resistance.

In addition to the chart patterns that you may have heard about, you also have the classic cup and handle formation. Various volume indicators and moving averages are also covered.

This book’s first 67 pages are available for free via Google Books.

Warning, however. Those with advanced trading skills shouldn’t get this book. Not much will be learned from it. This is more geared towards new TA traders who want to get a basic understanding of the concept.

It’s highly likely to be a good idea for you to put everything into practice once you’ve done all that and developed your TA skills. So, where does Binance fit into my personal crypto-trading well for me personally?

The main advantages of Binance are its accessibility to hundreds of different cryptos, its high liquidity, and its very low trading costs. Additionally, Binance has graciously offered us 15% off the trading fees for the first time.

However, I understand that some of you are just hodlers and don’t have diamond hands. In that case, you probably want to learn about how money evolved and why Bitcoin may well become the next evolution. Therefore, you’ll be able to hoddle confidently, and my next pick does just that.

4. Bitcoin Billionaires

After their Facebook stock settlement and their place in crypto history, Bitcoin billionaires tell the story of the Winklevoss Twins who became bitcoin billionaires after being betrayed by their parents.

In addition, key players in the industry like Roger Ver, Navy Ravicant, and others are discussed. While there is a lot of praise lavished on the Winklevoss twins in the book, the author gives them a bit too much credit. As a result, to me, it seems quite clear that this book was written for a movie, and I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. Apart from Satoshi, the Winklevoss Twins are the first Bitcoin billionaires.

Basically, this book is a look at how some truly incredible professionals got to where they are today. As a reader, I am always interested in success stories and I love crypto, so I was very excited to read this. So, if you’re interested in a light-hearted crypto book and would like to learn more about what happened in crypto’s early days, then this would make a great choice.


Make sure you do the proper research before investing in cryptocurrencies, and you should consult a crypto expert for advice. In the cryptocurrency market, everything can happen because of its volatile nature. It is all a prediction and assumption based on the fact that crypto markets transform over time.

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