TOP CRAZY Things To Buy With Bitcoin!

TOP CRAZY Things To Buy With Bitcoin! – In addition to buying everything in cryptocurrency, you’re able to combine 7 things.

1- Vacations

It has to be vacations that are the most interesting item you can purchase with crypto. While I am not sure how you feel, I am personally longing to just jump on a plane and getaway to somewhere warm and sunny. Locked up for a year in a small apartment will probably do that to people.

Despite all these new variants appearing, travel could still be a little troublesome, but hopefully, things will return to normal pretty soon. At least I hope so.

Then when travel is available again, you could spend a portion of your Bitcoin gains on a Travala holiday. There are 2.2 million hotels available in Crypto, making it the world’s version of Expedia. You can book flights to almost any country and hotels in any city you choose.

By booking through Travala, you can save an additional 40%. An especially useful tool when you want the most value for your money.

There are dozens of cryptocurrencies through Travala that you can use to book your holiday. In addition to blue-chip coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are also stable coins, as well as mid-cap altcoins, such as Swipe, Monero, and Vechain.

That should do it for daydreaming of relaxing in the calm waters of the Adriatic on a warm summer’s day. Next up, I’d like to discuss something you can buy and use right now with Bitcoin.

2- Gold & Silver

Buying gold and silver bullion is another odd thing you can do with crypto. The reputation of gold as a safe-haven asset has been around for thousands of years, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

There are numerous reasons why crypto is a better store of value than gold. Gold will help hedge some of the crypto portfolio risks, however, for some out there.

There are significantly more industrial applications for silver than gold, making it another interesting asset. Gold and silver have historically been the people’s money, and during inflation, both do well, as well. In times of uncertainty, these commodities are known for providing a solid hedge.

The price of these commodities has increased somewhat this year, albeit unnoticed by many. During late January and early February, the London bullion market association, or IBMA, was in a bit of a pickle.

It is generally understood that should strong inflows into silver-backed ETFs have continued, the IBMA London vaults may have run out of silver bars for these ETFs.

Consequently, the shares silver trust revised its prospectus and stated that there was a lack of silver in early February quote, A temporary shortage of silver may prevent delivery to the trust if demand exceeds the supply.”

They continued by saying that authorized participants might not be able to buy enough silver to meet the trust’s requirements.

In other words, shortage concerns are definitely real. Bitcoin can be used to buy gold and silver bullion, which is good news for crypto hoddlers looking to hedge their inflation risk.

BTC can be used to purchase gold and silver coins and bars from Bitcoin gold and the European Mint. Also, if you also want to add some precious metals to your sats, you now know where to go for that.

It’s okay if you’ve already covered yourself and waiting for the world to return to normal if you’ve already taken steps to combat inflation. It’s time to relax after all that crypto research, don’t you think? My next crypto-related item is sure to be suitable for you if that’s the case.

3- Computer Games

Computer games are the fourth thing you probably didn’t know you could buy with crypto. Those who still remember Steam’s days accepting Bitcoin will recall that they used to do that back in the day.

Bitcoin gift cards can still be purchased with Bitrefill for Steam, Minecraft, PS4, and Apple App Store even if the service essentially ceased in 2017.

Play that hot new gaming title you’ve been dying to play so that lockdowns will be more bearable if you’re serious about gaming. How about trying to start your own business instead of playing video games all day? With cryptocurrency, it turns out we can afford one of the most essential things available to any business.

4- Cars

Crypto Telegram groups often discuss “When Lambo”. The vast majority of new crypto millionaires, however, will probably upgrade their cars.

The other crazy thing you could purchase with crypto would be that car upgrade you’ve always wanted.

Indeed, Elon Musk has backtracked on his plan to accept Bitcoins for Teslas. Nevertheless, Bitcars has been providing this service for years, so if you want to buy the awesome Tesla Model 3 with Bitcoin, you can do so here.

Those aren’t the only things on our shelves over here. The site lets you buy standard Lambos, Ferraris, and other supercars with Bitcoin, but what’s more intriguing is the fact that you can also buy more practical luxury vehicles such as Audis, BMWs, and Jaguars here.

You may want a modern car, but you might also enjoy that feel of an old-fashioned car and have the chance to invest in classic cars. Thanks to bitcars, you can do that as well. My first impression is that this Excalibur Phaeton would look pretty dashing rolling around town.

The alternative is to use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or NANO, or perhaps you’re more into stealth wealth and would like to own a Wolkvagen, Corsa.

All of that can be done at AutoCoinCars. It’s definitely worth exploring if you’re thinking about investing in a new motor with some crypto.

The truth is, cars are a depreciating asset, and the higher their price is, the more depreciation they will experience. The cryptocurrency gains might be better used to buy something you’re going to use more often and is rising in value over time.

5- Real Estate

I’ll tell you how to buy a house using crypto if you haven’t guessed it yet. In an industry that is highly obsessed with property markets and the dreams of owning a house one day, I was trained to be like that since I am British. While such a view would seem normal in places like Europe, I recognize that it is not so here.

As odd as it may seem, this is that which makes up the British character. You can use your Bitcoin to actually buy your dream home if you’ve made astronomical crypto gains. Visit for more information.

For me, this condo in Southern Cyprus looks really swanky. I love the look of it, and it also comes with two garages, so I could probably keep that Excalibur Phaeton and Lambo over there if I so desired.

As well as finding a crypto-tax-efficient forum flat, I have found a pretty smart forum flat in Swiss francs. Actually, crypto millionaires should also consider which countries are the most tax-friendly for them, from the perspective of crypto taxes.

Anyway, bithome lists properties all over the globe, and yes, you can buy them with Bitcoin, so that’s where those who are interested in using Bitcoin for real estate should head to.

But what if your house is already awesome? In addition, with your crypto stack being so large, are you looking for something a little more exotic? Unless I do something crazy with those crypto bowlers’ coins, they might not be able to spend them on anything.

6- Yacht

Crypto has to be the Sixth crazy purchase you can make. There is a common belief that you shouldn’t buy anything that flies or floats.

In spite of that, if you are a true crypto bowler, you will simply disregard that and grab the most extravagant toy you can afford. As it turns out, Irenaeus, a seller of luxury assets goods and services, is offering up a 25 million yacht that you can actually pay for with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Although this is the most outrageous purchase I have ever seen with crypto, let’s be honest, most of us are reasonable people, and even if we had that obscene amount of crypto, would not buy a yacht with that amount of money.

Rather than spending half an ETH or more to rent the yacht for a few hours, it would be better to rent that yacht for a few hours. The only problem would be if you became bored on the yacht? To keep yourself occupied, you may choose to be entertained with a drone or an iPad. A single location provides access to all of these services. Bitcoin is certainly accepted here as well.

7- Electronics

Newegg is the Seventh place I spend Bitcoins. For those looking to purchase electronics with Bitcoin, this is the place to go. Bitrefill lets you get all those computer components you need to build your own gaming rig and play your favorite games.

Also available in this store are XBOXes and PS4, along with Apple products, drones, headphones, phones, and even some boring office supplies.

As a result, Newegg is definitely among the most convenient places to send Bitcoins. If you haven’t checked out the site, you should do so right now.

The website is a good alternative. Crypto is used to purchase everything you purchase. Regardless, you will earn additional savings on online shopping sites, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, based on your native SPI token assets.

I covered some fairly useful items that you probably didn’t know you could get with crypto and some pretty crazy things you can buy with crypto on this list; however, I’ve left the most outrageous item for last.


Make sure you do the proper research before investing in cryptocurrencies, and you should consult a crypto expert for advice. In the cryptocurrency market, everything can happen because of its volatile nature. It is all a prediction and assumption based on the fact that crypto markets transform over time.

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