Long Term Crypto Predictions

Top 6 Cryptocurrencies Predictions over a Decade


Long Term Crypto Predictions – The following is merely for fun and does not offer any financial advice. As far as purchasing cryptocurrency goes, I won’t really give any advice to strangers other than you should absolutely buy it, and Bitcoin should be a significant part of your purchase.

To be fun, I’m making my predictions for my top six cryptocurrencies over the next six months. I believe the prices for these products could be realized by 2031 to 2033 in the long term – about a decade. These are the coins that are at issue


The power of 10 is a way to think about my predictions, so that’s easy to remember.

My predictions ten years from now (or more):

1,000,000 BTC – Bitcoin

$100k Ethereum

$1000 for DOT

$1000 LINK

$1000 – SOL

$100 for ADA

Yes, it is so easy!

1,000,000 Bitcoin – Bitcoin

The main bitcoin target is this rather than the short-term $100k target. Bitcoin will have matured as an asset at $1 million per bitcoin,

will be considered The Global Store of Value, will be owned or hoarded by billions of individuals, will be a part of corporate balance sheets and investment firm assets under management, and some governments are likely to possess Bitcoin.

At this point, it doesn’t mean Bitcoin’s growth will stop, but I believe that by the early 2030s, Bitcoin will be able to achieve a million-dollar price tag since it’ll be able to be found in all the major places

Ethereum — $100,000

I expect Ethereum to reach $100k in a decade, where it currently sits at $3k dollars. Ethereum 2.0‘s full switchover to version 2.0 as well as the recent fee-burning upgrade to Ether is likely to boost the price.

I suspect that once Eth2 is fully operational, more Ether will be staking, as I would bet some people are still refusing to transfer their Eth tokens to Eth2 tokens for staking because they cannot access them until Eth2 is more active.

I expect to see massive upside for Ether over the next 12-18 months as the smart contract market vastly expands, despite the upcoming launches of Cardano smart contracts and the Polkadot parachain ecosystem, both of which are designed to compete with Ethereum for users.

As far as smart contracts are concerned, I expect Ethereum to remain king. Even when we don’t have Ethereum 2, a 33x increase in 10-12 years seems reasonable.

Polkadot or DOT — $1000

A future big thing in crypto could be Polkadot. Bitcoin was the first decentralized, borderless, trustless, open money to be created. As a result of Ethereum, smart contracts were invented.

Polkadot, as well as its multiple blockchain ecosystems, is also working toward the concept of interoperability with other existing cryptocurrencies and with other blockchain ecosystems.

 Even though Polkadot’s operational functionality is still a few months from launch, it is still the clear #1 among them. A price of $26 has been recorded so far this year, after reaching $48 earlier in the year. 

With all Polkadot’s parachains getting filled over the next two years, I expect DOT to enter the low hundreds of dollars, not to mention the fact that its smart contract platforms may compete with Ethereum and Cardano.

 It seems reasonable that it could do another 4x to $1000 by the early 2030s if it 10xes from here to $250 by 2024 or 2025.


There is no denying that Chainlink is the dominant oracle of the crypto space, and Chainlink has high ambitions for the future.

Chainlink will remain the number one oracle, even though other oracles will compete with it.

DeFi and other dapp sectors will grow exponentially over the next decade, and Chainlink should be able to provide data from the real world to facilitate their development.

Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot are all crypto platforms that use real-world data to power their apps, which help boost the value of chain LINK.

As a result, the immense value will be added to Chainlink’s LINK token, which it requires to function as a dapp provider. I expect LINK’s price to trend lower than DOT in the coming years but expect it to still reach $1000 in the early 2030s as well. Recently, LINK has been priced similarly to DOT, though it’s usually a little higher.

SOL — $1000

Solana is a subject I’m not very familiar with. Throughout this year, I’ve been hearing about the smart contract platform, which is considered to be highly efficient, and whose price has exploded from about one dollar this year to $80.

Yesterday, currently in the mid-$70s, to make it one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

It’s not hard to see how another 14x in a decade could bring Solana to $1000 if indeed the massive price appreciation this year signals that it’s set to be a major smart contract platform in the future.

As of today, it accounts for just a fourth of the market capitalization of Cardano and for slightly less than Polkadot. Achieving my prediction would require less growth than either of these other cryptocurrencies.

ADA — $100

Cryptocurrency currently has a lot of excitement surrounding Cardano. The smart contracts for Cardano will be available in roughly three weeks, completing this long-awaited project.

Although it doesn’t have smart contracts, Ripple is already the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Cardano is higher priced than other cryptocurrencies because of hype, but if anything, it seems that a serious competitor to Ethereum could emerge from Cardano.

ADA will become a multi-trillion dollar asset if we think Cardano is going to take a significant chunk of the market pie for smart contracts. As far as total predictions go, this one is the boldest, followed by my SOL prediction. I cannot imagine what ADA would look like at $100.

ADA will probably hit $100 at some point if it becomes a major smart contract platform, but a 10-12 year timeline might be a bit optimistic. However, I gave it this $100 prediction to make everything power of ten, but realistically this might take a few years longer than my predictions. A decentralized smart contract platform is set to launch next year, the launch contract price should reach $10 a year after it launches, after which the company will continue to grow in an expanding market for many years to come.

You now know what it is. The six coins I’m predicting for the cryptocurrency market are based on my decade-plus experience. Every prediction is based on history, experience, knowledge, bias, and opinion, and is just an educated guess (or not). I am merely entertaining myself with these predictions, but I believe they will prove reasonably accurate.

Is your point of view the same as mine? Is there anything I missed here? Would you like to make a price prediction? Do you wonder why I didn’t mention your favorite shitcoin you think will be the future? Have I been right or wrong since 2031–2033? Tell me. Let’s hear your comments!


I‘m not a financial advisor and this article is simply for educational purposes. It should not be used to make any decisions regarding your finances. If you need investment advice, please contact a qualified financial advisor.

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